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The Trail is a student-run monthly newsletter, created in 2008 to provide the Rutgers community with current environmental news, faculty highlights, and eco-friendly ideas. Our mission is to create an opportunity through which young people can hone their written voice by developing a better understanding of outstanding or historical environmental issues and topics through research and experience Through the course of this endeavor it is our hope to foster our staff's growth as writers, and also as environmentalists, with that enthusiasm also being translated to our readers.

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Current Trail Staff, Spring 2017

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The Trail: Volume 9 - Issue 3

From the Editors....

Dear Readers,

From all of our staff here at the Trail, we hope you'll enjoy this latest edition. Here, our writers have covered topics from living shorelines, to the politics of lawns, to the mangrove forests in the Virgin Islands. So whether you're on a study break, lounging by the Passion Puddle, or killing time waiting on the next bus, stop by the pages of The Trail, brought to you by the students of Human Ecology and other majors across Rutgers, and see what news the world has to offer you today.


James, Maia, Ian, and Sarah

In this Issue:

Living Shorelines (2-4)
Economics of the Keystone XL (5)
Mangrove Restoration in the Virgin Islands (6-7)
Our Oceans are Warming Up Faster than Expected (8-9)
Air Quality & Climate Change (10-11)
What Other Earth is Out There? (12-13)
Agriculture Month In Somerset County (14-15)
The Conservative Case for Carbon Dioxide (16-17)
The Environmental Impacts of Road Salt (18)
Where's Buzz?: Cheerios Joins Mission to Save the Bees (19-20)
Clean Air? Where? (21-22)
The Trump Admin's Reevaluation of Fuel Standards (23-24)
A Greener and Automated Future (25-26)
Fast Fashion & The Environment (27-28)
The Buzz on Artificial Pollination (29-30)
The Urban Heat Island & Its Effects on NJ (31-32)
Talking to Family About Lawns (33-34)
Trail Mix (35)

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