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How Hurricane Sandy became steroids for Jersey Shore development

Oct 18, 2017

Up and down the New Jersey coastline, houses have gotten bigger, taller and, with few exceptions, pricier since Sandy pummeled the Shore on Oct. 29, 2012..."All the little two-bedroom bungalows are being replaced with four- or five- or six-bedroom elevated houses," said Karen O'Neill, a professor of human ecology at Rutgers New Brunswick, author of Taking Chances: The Coast After Hurricane Sandy. "More and more communities are seeing residences flip from year-round to seasonal - especially in less wealthy communities - and different people are moving in," O'Neill said. "The storms wiped out the poorer homeowners who didn't have flood insurance or who couldn't afford to rebuild." Those who could, faced with new height requirements, figured if they were going taller, they might as well go bigger, as well.

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