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Victoria looks at improving emergency communications

Oct 21, 2017

John Swanson was as ready as he could be for Hurricane Harvey. He planned to use an emergency radio to stay informed. But there was a problem. Officials were predominantly using social media to communicate, and the National Weather Service's radio transmitter in Corpus Christi was damaged by the storm. Swanson doesn't use Facebook and ended up using his phone to call his daughter. She told him the news over the phone while Hurricane Harvey struck. Cara Cuite, a psychologist who studies emergency communications at Rutgers University, said Swanson was lucky to get help from his daughter. Radio is often viewed as the go-to form of communication when electricity and communication lines go down, she said. "Seniors are not best reached through social media," Cuite said. "Governments officials should use as many platforms as possible to reach residents of all demographics.


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