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Just Published: The EPIB Trail, Volume 4 Issue 4

Dec 1, 2011

As another semester writing for the Trail draws to a close, so does my time here at Rutgers. Writing for the Trail has
been a truly rewarding experience and most definitely my favorite part of being an undergraduate. I have learned so much along the way from my fellow writers and from the Human Ecology staff. The only thing I would change is that my time as a writer and editor last a little bit longer. But, I know that I can take the skills I have acquired and the friendships
I have made from my time working on this newsletter far into the future. I hope that you have enjoyed the Trail this semester, and in previous semesters, as much as I have. I am confident in the Trail’s upcoming and continuing writers and the students who will take my place once I move on.

As always, we rely on your feedback and support. As a purely student run newsletter, we try our very best to strive for a quality paper that we hope our readers will appreciate and enjoy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Good luck to students and faculty during these hectic weeks of finals and we wish everyone a safe, healthy, and
happy holiday season and new year! Lastly, a warm ‘thank you’ to those who helped the Human Ecology Department and Rutgers Against Hunger’s Adopt-a-Family campaign. With the donations we’ve received from everyone, we were able to make a positive impact on the lives’ of a mother and son this holiday season, so again, thank you!

Happy Trails,
Your Editor- Dara



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