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Is it better for the environment to shop online or in-store?

[Nov 20, 2018]
Which form of shopping costs the planet more - online or in a brick-and-mortar store? The answer isn't black or white, and both methods have shades of green... The question of which shopping method is greener can trigger an hours-long discussion in Jill Lipoti's classes at Rutgers University.

Why Stay During A Hurricane? Because It's Not As Simple As 'Get Out'

[Oct 18, 2018]
Dr. Cara Cuite was quoted in a recent National Public Radio article about response to Hurricane evacuation.

Opinion: NJ Shouldn't Wait for Federal Funds Before Reducing Flood Damages

[Oct 16, 2018]
Dr. Daniel Van Abs is quoted in a recent article on about the the uncertainty of federal funding dictates that New Jersey view every project through the lens of self-funding.

Expert: NJ towns should start revamping water infrastructure for the future

[Aug 29, 2018]
Daniel Van Abs says that many towns across the state have water pipes that are a century old and just waiting to break.

More syringes are washing up on Jersey beaches. It's a problem that starts miles away.

[Aug 7, 2018]
Dr. Daniel Van Abs is quoted in a recent article on about the issue of sewage overflow on the Jersey Shore.

Americans waste nearly half their food. How can we reduce food waste in New Jersey?

[Jul 25, 2018]
Dr. Jill Lipoti was interviewed for the Bergen Records series on food waste.

Ira Wagner's 'Houseraising': Uplift, denial, and Hurricane Sandy

[Jul 22, 2018]
The preface, "All That I Know," is by Rutgers sociology professor Rachael Shwom, who ponders the mindset of those who live in an environmentally threatened place.

How Privatizing Water Systems Costs Taxpayers -- & Endangers Them (

[Feb 7, 2018]
Daniel Van Abs, Rutgers associate professor of practice for water, society & environment, says it's almost impossible to tell whether higher costs are a result of better service or higher profit margins due to private companies overbuilding infrastructure that isn't needed.

Conservation could curb future N.J. water demands

[Feb 5, 2018]
New Jersey's water needs could actually go down, despite population growth, with more investment in conservation, according to a Rutgers University study... Rutgers professor Dan Van Abs, who wrote the report, said he examined how modest improvements would play out in various scenarios.

Opinion: NJ's Water Needs Could Decrease, Despite 10.4M Residents by 2040

[Feb 1, 2018]
Dr. Van Abs featured in the NJ Spotlight: "Taking a broad array of variables into account, and working with the best-case scenario, the state's population could increase while demand for water could lessen."

Prof. Bill Hallman Appointed to National Advisory Committee Addressing Climate Change Communications

[Jan 9, 2018]
Congratulations Dr. Hallman on being appointed to the National Advisory Committee Addressing Climate Change Communications

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