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Theory, Research and Writing



Course Description
This is a research practicum. The purpose of this course is to give you the opportunity, in a
structured and supportive environment, to develop a compelling and realistic proposal to conduct
research into the social dimensions of environmental change. In the first half of class, we’ll work
through several stages of project evolution, from clarifying a motivating question, to connecting
your proposed work to important ideas in your field, to designing and implementing an actual
study using one or more research methods, to writing it all up. Instead of a big final paper, short
weekly assignments will keep you moving along this path. And we’re all in it together: hailing
from diverse disciplines (not to mention, I presume, social backgrounds), our differences will be
an important resource—a well of things we haven’t all heard already that will make each project
richer and more interesting




Course Syllabus

Course Professors

    Not currently taught.
  1. Rutgers
  2. New Brunswick
Department of Human Ecology