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Capstone in Human Ecology



This class will help students prepare to ‘exit’ their undergraduate career by: improving their resumes/personal statements/career portfolio; reflecting on their strengths/weaknesses in preparation for future careers; providing an opportunity to create a final project to showcase their training in EPIB. This seminar provides a forum for reflecting on the learning goals of EPIB for seniors who are majors or minors in the department. Students will draw on knowledge from our interdisciplinary program of study to demonstrate their ability to make meaningful contributions to crucial debates concerning the themes of EPIB. According to the student’s individual interests and needs, the student will develop an individual "Capstone Project," which may take the form of a research paper, a freestanding project proposal, a proposal directed at a particular funding opportunity, a policy report or "white paper", an informative website, a creative piece such as a video or artistic portfolio, etc., which will be decided on in discussion with faculty. During the Capstone course the students will engage in research, writing, peer review, editing drafts, presenting ideas, and produce a final project that will be shared with the Human Ecology community.




Seniors only

Course Syllabus

Course Professors

    Spring 2018

  1. McElwee, Pamela
  2. Hunter-Thomson, Kristin
  3. Spring 2017

  4. Guarnaccia, Peter
  5. Spring 2016

  6. Kwate, Naa Oyo
  7. Spring 2015

  8. Kwate, Naa Oyo
  1. Rutgers
  2. New Brunswick
Department of Human Ecology