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Practicum in Sustainability



You have learned the complex interrelationships between environment, economy, and social issues. You are ready to put your thoughts into action. The practicum is an opportunity to work collaboratively with your peers and with the wider community on a project which enhances the culture of sustainability at Rutgers. Projects offered will change over the years, as various partners become available. Projects may involve policy issues such as debris in the ocean, microplastics in the rivers of New Jersey, rain gardens, sustainability in the curriculum, working on an app to reward student sustainable behaviors, enhancing sustainable behaviors through the arts, etc. The possibilities are endless. Students will learn to be sustainability leaders, work within diverse and interdisciplinary groups, critically analyze data, demonstrate systems thinking, and understand the significance of a local action to a global perspective.




Introduction to Sustainability

Course Syllabus

Course Professors

    Spring 2019

  1. Lipoti, Jill
  2. Spring 2018

  3. Lipoti, Jill
  4. Spring 2017

  5. Lipoti, Jill
  6. Spring 2016

  7. Lipoti, Jill
  1. Rutgers
  2. New Brunswick
Department of Human Ecology