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Raritan Scholars



The course incorporates two distinct but integrated components.

First, all students will undertake internships in the water resources field with organizations and agencies that have programs and activities focused on the Raritan River Basin. Students must expect to work a minimum of 125 hours in the internship, plus maintain a journal and present project conclusions to the class. Internship opportunities will be identified for student consideration and applications, but each student is responsible for receiving approval from both the internship sponsor and Dr. Van Abs prior to the first week of class, resulting in a signed internship contract. Internships will provide opportunities for real-world engagement with water resources issues, using field work, research, communications or other substantive activities. Internships are professional development experiences, and are not intended as opportunities for sponsoring organizations to acquire inexpensive office help.

Second, students will participate in one 60-minute class per week. The class will incorporate a combination of guest presentations and class discussions regarding the internships and water resource management concepts. The class will provide a structured understanding of water resources management issues that are being addressed through the internships and more generally by the sponsoring organizations. The class will focus on Raritan River Basin issues, but will relate those issues to broader water resources issues in New Jersey and beyond.

When / Where:

M @ 3:55 to 4:55 am, Blake 131




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    Fall 2019

  1. Van Abs, Daniel
  2. Fall 2018

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  4. Spring 2018

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  6. Fall 2017

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  10. Fall 2016

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  12. Spring 2016

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  14. Fall 2015

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  16. Spring 2015

  17. Van Abs, Daniel
  18. Spring 2014

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  20. Fall 2013

  21. Van Abs, Daniel
  22. Spring 2013

  23. Van Abs, Daniel
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