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International Environmental Law & Policy



When states choose to cooperate, they have choices over whether to use a written instrument and, if so, over the form and legal nature of that instrument. (Shaffer and Ginsburg, AJIL 2012).

This course explores the role of formal and informal law in the management of international environmental problems. The course will begin with a brief introduction to public international law as it relates to the environment and a discussion of what international environmental law means. Participants in the course will study a range of environmental issues, legal sources, and institutions. The course will include consideration of international environmental treaties, the role of the International Court of Justice in identifying and establishing international environmental law, international regulation of private conduct that affects the environment, trade and the environment, human rights and the environment, and the relationship between domestic and international law.

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T, 3:55pm to 6:55pm: Conference Room, Room 226





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    Spring 2018

  1. Payne, Cymie
  2. Spring 2017

  3. Payne, Cymie
  4. Spring 2016

  5. Payne, Cymie
  6. Spring 2015

  7. Payne, Cymie
  8. Spring 2014

  9. Payne, Cymie
  10. Spring 2013

  11. Payne, Cymie
  1. Rutgers
  2. New Brunswick
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