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Risk, Heath and Safety



In this course, students will explore many scientific, cultural, and perceptual aspects of environmental risk issues. We will discuss, in depth, toxicological and epidemiological concepts, psychological aspects of risk perception and coping, and influences on self-protective behavior. We will also spend time discussing risks and the media, and how to communicate with the public about risks.

This course has three main learning goals. When you have completed the class you should have a demonstrable understanding of the basic principles of toxicology and epidemiology. You should be able to analyze the characteristics of a hazard and identify likely influences on perception of risk; and, you should be able to put together a practical plan to communicate about those risks with the public.





Course Syllabus

Course Professors

    Fall 2018

  1. Hallman, William
  2. Fall 2017

  3. Hallman, William
  4. Robson, Mark
  5. Fall 2016

  6. Hallman, William
  7. Robson, Mark
  8. Fall 2015

  9. Hallman, William
  10. Robson, Mark
  11. Fall 2014

  12. Hallman, William
  13. Robson, Mark
  14. Fall 2013

  15. Hallman, William
  16. Robson, Mark
  17. Fall 2012

  18. Hallman, William
  19. Robson, Mark
  20. Fall 2009

  21. Hallman, William
  1. Rutgers
  2. New Brunswick
Department of Human Ecology