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International Environmental Policy



International policies designed to protect the environment encounter numerous obstacles. National governments defend their sovereign rights to use and abuse their natural resources. Poorer, developing nations cling to their plans for industrial growth while rural communities often cling simply to their cultures. Finally, policy-makers still debate about what the environment is, where it is, and whether various problems are truly global or merely local. To add to the confusion, scientists remain uncertain with regard to, say, climate change - and they are uncertain with regard to the level of certainty necessary for action. Meanwhile, economists are wading into political and ethical uncertainty as they attempt to give monetary values to environmental attributes. This course will explore these and other dilemmas before policy-makers. Readings from across the social sciences will sift through the major debates on areas of environmental policy - from species preservation to ozone depletion. Ultimately, students should come to appreciate the complexity of defining the environment, determining its problems, and addressing them with fairness.




Course Syllabus

Course Professors

    Fall 2013

  1. McElwee, Pamela
  2. Spring 2012

  3. McElwee, Pamela
  4. Fall 2009

  5. Shwom, Rachael
  1. Rutgers
  2. New Brunswick
Department of Human Ecology