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US Environmental Policy



Course objectives: To further develop your capacity to evaluate environmental policy issues, including: how policy issues rise to national action; the science and scientific controversies; major actors in U.S. environmental policy creation and their roles; the relationship between environmental policies and the context in which they operate; how budgets and public administration affect environmental policies; and how environmental policy issues reflect or do not reflect regional or factional differences. Given the enormous variety of environmental issues active at any one time, this course will focus on four high-profile issues as examples for learning about environmental policy development.

Class time will also be focused on agency roles and organization, environmental standards, and financing. By the end of the class, you should have the ability to apply techniques of policy analysis to other environmental issues, including those for which you personally lack detailed knowledge. These skills are critical for anyone interested in broad-based environmental policy work, where you will learn the details of the issues as you become involved with them. For those who will ultimately focus on a single environmental field, this course will help you understand how others may affect policy development in your field. All readings are on the Sakai class site or public web sites. There is no text book for the course.





Course Syllabus

Course Professors

    Fall 2018

  1. Van Abs, Daniel
  2. Fall 2017

  3. Van Abs, Daniel
  4. Fall 2016

  5. Van Abs, Daniel
  6. Fall 2015

  7. Van Abs, Daniel
  8. Spring 2015

  9. Van Abs, Daniel
  10. Fall 2013

  11. Van Abs, Daniel
  12. Spring 2013

  13. Van Abs, Daniel
  14. Fall 2012

  15. Van Abs, Daniel
  16. Spring 2012

  17. Van Abs, Daniel
  18. Fall 2011

  19. Van Abs, Daniel
  20. Spring 2011

  21. Van Abs, Daniel
  22. Spring 2007

  23. O'Neill, Karen
  1. Rutgers
  2. New Brunswick
Department of Human Ecology